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Courses in maritime handcrafts during The Hardanger Wooden Boat Festival

Five courses will be held during the Hardanger Wooden Boat Festival in 2011. Smithing, making a spar, rope making, making half-models and making oars. Other courses will be held throughout the year, and information will be made available on a regular basis.

Hardanger Maritime Center has held 2 maritime courses this past fall. Boat maintenance and planer making were the topics and they were well attended. We have received very positive feedback from the participants.

The courses will be held during the same week from June 11th-17th, and will overlap to some degree. The Center will provide a common lunch for all participants.

The courses will end on Saturday afternoon. Saturday will be a great day to come and see what the participants have accomplished!

Smithing course

During this course, which is suitable for beginners, we will learn several simple smithing techniques. Heating the piece, stretching, bending and flattening the piece. By heating and hammering our raw materials we will make candle holders and hooks.
Number of places: up to 6 persons. The course starts on Friday and ends on Saturday afternoon.
Price: NOK 2 400,- including materials and lunch each day.

Make your own spar (mast, boom, etc)

The course will last 6 days, with an introduction into which types of materials are best suited for spars, rules of thumb regarding dimensions and shaping, use of tools, and maintenance. Finding the dimensions for your other rigging will also be discussed. Participants will be able to make their own spars during the course. There is a length limit of 12-13 meters.
The course begins on Monday and ends on Saturday afternoon.
Number of places: up to 6 persons. Price: NOK 6 000,- including lunch each day. The cost of the materials is extra.

Make a half-model

Make a half-model of a vessel/ boat. During the course we will learn how to read a boat drawing, and shape the model according to the drawing. With the use of simple hand tools, the model will be formed, and the final result can be mounted on a plaque and hung on a wall at home.
Number of places: max. 10 persons. Price: NOK 2400,- including materials and lunch each day. The course will run from Friday to Saturday afternoon.

Rope making

Participants will learn to make rope by hand. The rope exhibit, at the Center, will be the basis of the theoretical segment. One will learn about different materials which have been used, and the developments of different rope making techniques. One part of the course will cover what the individual ropes are suited for, from a technical and material perspective. The course is appropriate for those who wish to further disseminate the information.
Participants will produce hemp yarn, rope and "monkey paws". The goal is for each person to take home his or her own casting line.
The course runs from Friday June 16th, until Saturday afternoon, June 17th.
The course is suitable for 5-10 persons.
Price: NOK 2400.- including materials and lunch each day.

Production of oars

Each person will produce a pair of oars, which he/she will take home at the end of the course.
The course begins with how to evaluate and choose materials. Participants will learn to gauge the shape of their oars based upon rowing properties. The course uses traditions from Hardanger as a starting point for the oars. We will consider the characteristics of the tradition and variations upon them. The actual making of the oars will involve marking, sawing and the final finishing. The course will last 3 days, from Thursday June 15th, until Saturday afternoon, June 17th.
Number of places: max. 10 persons
Price: NOK 3000,-






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