Boat yard activities
The repair and restoration of larger wooden vessels is the most important area of work at the boat yard. The majority of the commissions are carried out in co-operation with the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. The owners are usually museums or foundations, but private owners also bring their vessels here.

Vessels that have been fully restored by the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter include the 76 ft galley (ketch) Svanhild, the 168 ft paddle steamer Skibladner, the 60 ft Møre Cutter (fishing smack) Heland, the 45 ft sloop Brødrene and the 48 ft Hardanger Cutter (fishing smack) Vikingen. Some major and minor restoration work have also been carried out on vessels such as the 102 ft schooner Svanen the coastal passenger vessels Atløy and Midthordland, the fishing smack Hindholmen and the tourist ferry Bitihorn.

In 2016 we compleeded building and rigging a replica of a vessel-type called "bankskøyte". We are also doing work on "Fremad II" and "Arnafjord".

Shipyard facilities

The shipyard covers a total area of approximately 8,500 square metres. The shipyard houses four good workshops totalling 550 square metres, a slipway for vessels up to 90 feet and two quays totalling 65 running metres. It also has a materials warehouse, a blacksmith's workshop, a ropewalk and a documentation centre.


HFS is an approved training organisation, always putting great emphasis on wooden boat-building apprenticeships. The boatyard is probably the largest apprenticeship organisation in Norway in this specialised field. Approximately 50 apprentices have served their time at HFS since operations started.

Additional pictures

  • Arnafjord garnering
  • Arnafjord_hudplank
  • Rær gjerast klare til å heisast opp på plass.
  • Arnafjord dutler
  • Arnafjord i ferd med å få garneringa på plass
  • Arnafjord før vøla ved Hardanger fartøyvernsenter tek til.