The boatbuilding work shop

The Hardanger Maritime Museum maintains, and passes along, the hands-on knowledge of boat building. It is connected with: choice of materials, methods of work, and the use of tools with regards to building the small boats from Hardanger. The best way to pass along knowledge of the craft is to build boats that are used for rowing and sailing.

An important part of our work is documenting and presenting the craft of boat building and the historical aspects of it. The traditional Hardanger boat is a part of the heritage of western Norway with its light, open, clinker-built style for oar or sail. In addition to building new boats, we also repair old boats and make oars and other parts for different boats. We also build copies and reconstructions of other traditional, wooden, small-boats. Furthermore, we measure, evaluate and restore older boats. In the last few years, this sort of work has taken nearly 50% of our workload. 

Peter Helland-Hansen is the leader of the work shop. He is accompanied by a trainy most of the timer. Since the small-boat workshop was established as its own department in 1987, nearlu 100 new boats have been built. There have been 20 boat building apprentices educated in the small-boat workshop.

Additional pictures

  • barnhage paa holmen
  • Den draumen me ber på ...Per og Liv ror.
  • barn i rongi
  • åreskaft-foto-TrondJ.-Hansen
  • Mons ror livbåt
  • Peter Helland-Hansen målar opp.