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Rowing boats for hire

Hardanger Maritime Center has rented out rowboats since 1999. It all began with the building of a Hardangerfæring (a rowboat with 2 pairs of oars). The idea was that you, our guest, would be able to come and see such a boat being built, and then go out and row one. It is fascinating to get the feel of the boat and how it is to row it. A lot of work goes into making a rowboat, and you can experience the results through your own body.

From boat rental to Hardanger Coastal Trails   Hardanger Coastal Trails (HCT) was created in 2008. Coastal trails are to be found many places along the coast of Norway. HCT is a cooperation between the Association Forbundet KYSTEN, the Norwegian Trekking Association and the Norwegian Outdoor Recreational Board. Most of the coastal trails are run by a local chapter of one of the three mother organizations. Hardanger Coastal Trails is run by Hardanger Maritime Center, which is unusual. The reason for this is that our facilities are open, and available to receive you, all summer, when you want to rent one of our boats. We will send you off with advice, safety equipment and maps, and we will gladly help you to plan your trip before you leave. During our regular season, the Center has staff available from 10am to 5pm. Our people are trained to give guidance, so that you can have a satisfying trip with our rowboats. You will receive thorough instructions before we send you off. 

The length of the trip does not matter.
The most common sort of trips, with our rowboats, are day trips. Only experienced rowers set off for trips that last several days on the fjord. We do have several places along the fjord where you could spend the night, after a day of rowing.

Sandvenholmen lies in the harbor basin outside of Norheimsund. It is only 400m from the Center. Many people find this a long enough trip, and a very satisfying one! Out on the islet there is a floating pier, a new barbeque pit, and a teepee-like shelter. Everything lies on municipal property, and is available to the public. Out there, you can relax in a field and look out over the fjord towards the glacier, Folgefonna, while enjoying the sight of your children playing along the beach. Even though the islet lies in the middle of the harbor basin, it is a peaceful place where calm descends.

We are experienced at teaching people the art of rowing. There are just a few pointers you must remember. It turns out that people often find the rhythm of rowing quite quickly. We usually say that rowing is "Norse pilates". It feels good to row, and you won't get tired, if you just remember to include a resting pause in your stroke. 

Rowing in groups, is a fun activity
We also have experienced rowers who can join you on a trip, if you want. You have to arrange for this a bit in advance, however. The trip can include one or more boats. Using all the rowboats we could accomodate up to 28 people. First you learn to row and find the rhythm in your body. After a bit of rowing, we can take a break, with a picnic, barbeque, or some other activity out on Sandvenholmen, and then return to the Center. Such trips are a lot of fun. 

Our boats
We have four boats for rent: two færingar (two pairs of oars) and two slightly larger boats: a seksæring (three pairs of oars) and an åttæring (four pairs).
The Hardangerfærig has two pairs of oars and can accommodate 4 adults.
The Kystledsbåt also has two pairs of oars, but has more cargo space and can accommodate five adults. 
The Seksæring belongs to Hardanger Coastal Trails, and has three pairs of oars and room for 8 adults. This boat is especially good for two adults and several children, if you plan a slightly longer trip, and have some equipment with you. The Seksæring is called "Row-berta".
The Åttæring was built to commemorate the millennium in 2000. It has four pairs of oars. It is our largest rowboat, and has room for ten adults. 

The boats are equipped with what you need, to have an enjoyable trip out on the fjord.
Each boat has rope for tying up when you come to land, and a bailing scoop. We will send an anchor with you if you plan a longer trip. Life-vests and fishing gear can be rented, for an additional fee.


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